Stokeleigh Camp

Stokeleigh Camp is an Iron Age hill fort situated on the outskirts of Bristol. First inhabited over 2000 years ago, the landscape is permanently scarred with a series of human constructed ramparts.

This ongoing project is shot on a large format 5"x4" camera using photographic paper in the place of film. As part of the development process, samples of earth are embedded into the negatives creating a unique link between location and image. Additionally, further imperfections of the paper negative process include fingerprints and scratches caused by the artist during development. These added artefacts visible in the images provide a visual metaphor to the changes that the ancient Britons made to the natural landscape when constructing Stokeleigh Camp.

The resulting images celebrate the imperfections of space and create a materialistic agency between location and artist.

Part of the Stokeleigh Camp project was exhibited at The Tobacco Factory in Bristol in Autumn 2019.

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