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Tobacco Factory New Years Eve 2015

michael-crocker-wedding-photography-BristolOnce again, I have spent the New Year 2015 shooting the Steam Punk Circus Ball at The Tobacco Factory in Southville. The theatre people at the Tobacco Factory did a fantastic job in creating a brilliant background for the Steam Punk Circus Ball themed Photobooth, so many thanks and well done to them. It was certainly an interesting night and a great way to see in the New Year.

Downloads and prints are available to buy right now by clicking BUY PRINTS.

Wedding Photographer Bristol | FREE Trial Portrait Shoot


I offer all potential new clients a free, no obligation trial portrait shoot. The idea is that it gives my customers a chance to see how I work and what they could expect their pictures to look like if I shot them. There is no obligation to book or hard sell, just a stress free sample of how I work. Think of it like test driving a new car or trying on a pair of shoes before buying them – You want to make sure you are making the right decision on selecting your Wedding Photographer in Bristol!  Continue reading

Wedding Photographers in Bristol | 5 of the Best Wedding Suppliers in Bristol

I am unusually quiet in the studio this week, so I thought I would blog about some of the best wedding suppliers in Somerset. This is by no means a complete list as I have worked with hundreds of venues, florists, hairdressers and car companies over the years! This is just a quick top 5 of my current favourites.
  1.  Ivory Flowers
    228 North Street, Southville, Brstol, BS3 1JD
    (0117) 953 389
    Ivory Flowers is a local independant florist based around the corner from my_AAA0628_sml studio on North Street in Southville. Started by the lovely Xanthe in 2011, Ivory Flowers moved into a fabulous new shop last year and continues to go from strength to strength. Xanthe clearly loves what she is does and is full of ideas and inspiration. It’s well worth a visit to the Ivory Flowers shop for a chat about your wedding flowers.  As well as wring on weddings together, I also shot most of the Ivory Flowers website.
  2. Oakleigh Gardens, Bristol BS30 6RH
    (0117) 932 4340
    England’s Finest Cars is a fleet of three beautiful ivory convertibles driven by an all female team of Chauffeurs and headed up by owner Jane. England’s Finest Cars are easily one of the best wedding suppliers in Bristol, and I often find myself shooting least one of their cars at a lot of the weddings I photograph. I have always found England’s Finest to be super helpful and willing to position their cars exactly where they are needed for photography. Unlike some wedding cars, the cars from England’s Finest are always pristine. Trust me, when booking England’s Finest Cars you are getting a lot more than just a ride to your wedding!
  3. Urchinwood Ln, Congresbury, Bristol, BS49 5AP
    (01934) 877000
    helicopterIn the 13 years I have been shooting weddings, I have only been lucky enough to photograph an arrival by helicopter once and that was provided by Polo Aviation. The pilots were very accommodating for our photography and flew in to the wedding venue exactly how I requested, allowing the Bride & Groom to get a variety of pictures. Once they had landed, I was allowed free access to the stationary helicopter for further photographs. The pilots (complete with Aviator sunglasses) even posed with the Bride & Groom! A fantastic way to blow your wedding budget, but a helicopter guarantees an amazing set of pictures and the ultimate arrival at your wedding reception.
  4. 71 Sandy Park Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 2PQ
    (0117) 966 9990
    I know when I arrive at a wedding venue and see the Enchanted van parked up outside, that the venue is going to look special. I have worked with Carollyn and her team numerous times and they never fail to create a stunning look. Offering everything from Balloons and birdcages, through to chair covers and ceiling drapes, Enchanted is a perfect single source of everything you need to decorate a venue. Enchanted are one of my favourite wedding suppliers in Bristol.
  5. The Coombe, Blagdon, North Somerset BS40 7RE
    (01761) 463355
    There are a lot of wedding venues in the Bristol area, but the one stand out venue for me is probably Coombe Lodge in Blagdon. Come rain or shine, Coombe Lodge will always deliver when it comes to photography. There are loads of locations for wedding pictures, both inside and outside. It is also one of the few venues that can allow an outdoors wedding. When working at Coombe Lodge I have a circular route of about seven different areas to use for photographs, meaning the Bride & Groom get a lot of pictures in a short amount of time. Rumour has it they book up two years in advance, so get in touch quick!

Wedding Photographers in Somerset | 5 of the best wedding suppliers in Bristol

Wedding Photography in Somerset | Wedding Photographs online

Ordering wedding photographs online couldn’t be simpler- Wedding photography in Somerset

For each wedding I photograph, I create an online gallery of all the photographs for the Bride and Groom to share with their family and friends. All of the galleries are password protected, so only the people you choose to disclose the password to will be able to access and view your photographs.

Finding your gallery is pretty easy. Just click on the Michael Crocker Photography homepage, and in the top right corner there is a button called “Buy Prints”. From there you and your guests will see a list of recent weddings to choose from.


The prints I offer for sale are of the very highest quality and are printed on professional Fuji Chrystal Archive paper. This paper is a real photographic paper meaning that the prints will look amazing for many years to come.
Print Pricing

5×7 £8.00

6×9 £9.00

8×10 £12.00

8×12 £13.00

10×12 £15.00

Small Image Download £1.00

Also available is the Small Image Download at only £1 each.  These are small pictures files that can be downloaded to you computer or phone for on screen display. While they are too small to print, they are perfect for showing on your mobile phone or for Facebook profile pictures!

Lastly, its a great idea to like the Michael Crocker Photography Facebook page. This is where I put my latest special offers and these often include some great deals on online print orders. They go quickly, so keep your eyes open!

If you need any additional help, or if there is a specific size of photograph you need that is not listed in the gallery, get in touch here and I can arrange it.

Michael Crocker Photography | Wedding Photography in Somerset

Wedding photographer in Bristol | Wedding Group Photographs

There are lots of wide ranging opinions when it comes to wedding group photographs. Some people hate them and feel they are a bit dated, while for others the wedding group shots are a crucial part of the wedding album. Ultimately, its very unusual for more than 3 group photographs to be used in a wedding album.

My own theory is that weddings should have some group photographs, but not too many. Over the last 13 years of shooting wedding photography in Bristol, I have seen posed wedding group photographs become increasingly less popular in favour of more natural wedding photographs. I try to keep my group shots to around 7, this might seem a bit low, but this will easily take 30 minutes to do and beyond that, your wedding guests will become bored and start to wonder off.

My suggested list of wedding group photographs:
  1. Everyone at the wedding. Ideally, I like to shoot this from an elevated position.  In the past I have used balconies, hung out of windows and even had a scaffolding tower especially built! If all else fails, my step ladder is fine!
  2. Next up is the friends. I try to shoot both Bride and Grooms friends together as this will keep things moving swiftly. I find it is best to do the friends shot second, as this group of people are the prime offenders to wonder off to the bar!
  3. Brides entire family. This is everyone related to the Bride that is at the wedding.
  4. Grooms entire family. The Grooms entire family and the Brides entire family shot can be switched around,  as it is best to deal with the biggest groups first. This keeps people hanging around to a minimum.
  5. Brides immediate family. Mum, Dad and brothers and sisters.
  6. Grooms immediate family. Mum, Dad and brothers and sisters. If you have divorced parents, this can be quite an uncomfortable moment. There are a few things we can do to prevent this though. Combining the immediate families into one group is a great idea.  Another option would be altering the running order to ensure switching Mum for Dad in the same group isn’t going to happen.
  7. The Bridal Party. Bride and Groom, Brides maids, Ushers, and Best man. If the Dads’ are wearing coordinating suits, its a nice idea to include them in this shot too. If this is the case, sometimes Mums’ feel a bit left out, so they can go in too!

This is just an idea… everything can change. I have even shot weddings with no group photographs at all!

If you would like any more advice on choosing wedding group shots, get in touch here.


Wedding Photographer in Bristol area | Somerset Hall Wedding Fayre

Somerset Hall Wedding Fayre – New wedding Fayre venue.

Sunday June the 15th will see me showing my latest wedding photography in the Bristol area at the Somerset Hall wedding show in Portishead. Its not a venue I have exhibited at before, but I am hoping the fayre will be packed with wedding suppliers as well as Brides’ to be.

I will be displaying my latest work and sample wedding albums shot at venues in Bristol, Bath and Somerset. Also, I will be running some amazing one-day special offers so come on down and say hello!

If you don’t know this area very well (like me!) this map should take you to the venue. For Satnav users, the post code is BS20 6AH.
The doors are open 11.00 – 4.00 and entry is free.

Commercial and editorial photography – BS3 Studio

Alongside my wedding and portrait photography in Bristol, I also use the studio to work for commercial and editorial clients. Now, its been quite a long time coming, but finally I have set up a new website for these types of work. This side of the business is called BS3 Studio. You can find my commercial and editorial work on the BS3 Studio website here.

Commercial studio photography is where it all started for me on my photographic career back in 2002 when I left college and started working in the publishing industry. Over the years I have continued to freelance for various design, advertising and publishing clients. Finally, at last, I have got around to sorting out a proper

Arnos Manor Wedding Fayre | Wedding photographer in Bristol

I will be setting up my stand and exhibiting at the Arnos Manor Hotel Wedding Fayre on Sunday June the 1st. This is a great little show and always attracts a variety of local wedding suppliers.  Doors are open from 11.00 am  until 4.00 pm and entry and parking is free. The address is 470 Bath Rd, Arnos Vale, Bristol, BS4 3HQ or click here for a map.

I will be displaying some of my very latest wedding photography work and also some new wedding albums. As usual, I will also have some very special offers running so come along and say hello!


Wet weather Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer in Bristol

Wet weather Wedding Photography

A guide for Brides


As an experienced wedding photographer based in Bristol, I have written a quick guide for Brides on dealing with wet weather wedding photography.

Arnos Vale Cemetery Bristol, Wedding photographer

  1. The first thing to do is be prepared for ANYTHING. Being based in Britain the weather is a well known national talking point and can changes rapidly. I’ve been shooting weddings for over 12 years now, and dealt with everything from ice and snow, through to mist and sea fog! Preparation is key.
  2. If on the big day the wet stuff appears, then the first thing to try is give it 5 minutes. The chances are the rain will pass shortly and we can proceed outside. When planning wedding photography I always allow plenty of extra time for this. You would be amazingly unlucky to have constant rain through out your entire wedding day!
  3. Be brave and head outside. I have always got a set of white umbrellas in the car that will allow us to get outside. Embracing the weather conditions is usually the best option and dark, stormy skies can make for some very dramatic wedding photography. Many wedding venues also have a covered outdoor area such as a Gazebo that can be very useful. Consider buying some of your own wedding umbrellas here.
  4. Bring a pair of trainers in the car. If its been raining recently, walking on soft ground in heals is impossible. By switching to a pair of trainers you won’t sink into the ground and your shoes will remain clean. Your wedding dress will usually hide your shoes anyway.
  5. If the weather really is terrible, then its time for a change of plan. Plan B is we shoot everything in doors. I have always got a set of studio lights with me to allow this if necessary. I will add though, that in 12 years and hundreds of weddings photographed, I have NEVER had to shoot entirely inside.

Arnos Vale Cemetery Bristol, Wedding photographer

Lastly, don’t worry too much about the weather in the run up to your wedding. There isn’t anything we can do to change it, so embrace it and work with it.

Any questions on wedding photography or need some help or advice, then please let me know here.